Friday, June 21, 2013

SharePoint 2013 - allow others to edit a discussion (not just reply)

One of many SharePoint tips...

Some sites may want more collaboration, the ability to edit discussion topics, etc. I would highly recommend turning on version control for the list you modify in order to see who changed what. Here are the steps:

You need to be in the Site Owner group to make these changes. If you don't have the appropriate permissions, contact your SharePoint administrator to  assist.

Go to Site Contents, click on the discussion list name and in the ribbon click on List, then List Settings.

Once in List Settings, click on Versioning Settings and make sure Create a version each time you edit is set to Yes. I typically do not require content approval for submitted items, but this is an option. It would not allow anything to show until one member of the Approval Members group approves the content. 

Once you click "OK" on the Versioning Settings screen, go into Advanced Settings.

Under the Create and Edit access, select the "Create and edit all items" instead of the "...created by the user" like so, then be sure to click the OK button.

Next, we're going to alter the Site Members contribute rights. Click on the Gear in the upper right hand corner and select Site Settings, then under Users and Permissions, select Site permissions. Check the box next to the [Site Name] Members name, and the "Edit User Permissions" option on the ribbon will become available.

Click the Edit User Permissions, the default rights should be set to only Contribute. Check the boxes next to Edit and Approve like so:

Then click the "OK" button. Now have a site member test the ability to "Edit" a discussion but finding a discussion topic, clicking the ellipses and seeing the "Edit" ability like so:

Hope this helps. 

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