Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lovin' the OUTPUT clause...

Change is good, even if it appears big and scary at first…

Ever find a MUCH easier way of doing things and just fell in LOVE with it? It was that way for me once I discovered table valued functions in SQL Server. From that moment on I saw everything as a function “hill” to climb. My happiest moment: turning a query which took over 90 seconds down to 3 seconds because of this discovery and a subsequent re-architecture of all database calls.

Fast forward to… now… the OUTPUT clause. I know, I know, been around since SQL 2005 but until you wrap your head around it, create a new database or have time to re-architect something old, you can’t really get the implications until you incorporate it in a new database design.

One call to a database to update or delete can not only save your data, but OUTPUT the data you want to save in another table for, oh I don’t know, change management, historical, CYA implications.

Simple usage:

DELETE FROM [table] OUTPUT deleted.* INTO [tablearchive] FROM [table1] t1 JOIN [table] ON t1.ID=[table].table1_ID WHERE ID = 123

Double duty – deleting (or updating or inserting for that matter) and saving whatever details from that statement into another table. Saving yourself either an additional call from the front end, or at the very least, an additional SQL statement.

Just keeping it simple.

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